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Web Development

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4.9 (793)

Features Includes:

  • 18 Lectures
  • 112 Hours
  • 6 months access - E-portal
  • Certificate of completion
  • Placement assistance

Course Description

Web development course includes the design and development of an application that runs on the web browser. It may have any purpose, and some popular examples for web applications include Facebook and YouTube. Web development involves three layers of programming which are namely,

  • UI (Front-end)
  • Serverside scripting ( API)
  • Database (Back-end)

Skill Mentors Academy is one of the few institutes that offers premium courses in web development training in Chennai. In this web development course, the UI part of the is mostly HTML, CSS and JS (collectively known as XHTML). The scripting is done using languages mostly not exceeding PHP, Python, ASP.NET or Node. The most widely used database is MySQL. There are other options like Oracle, MongoDB etc., which may be preferred. The web development course will include the learning of how to structure and design a web application according to the use-cases and how to build one from scratch. We will use the most popular technologies in the market for all the three layers for the course, that is, HTML for front-end, PHP for server side scripting and MySQL for database. Skill Mentors Academy acts as the best Web development training institute in Chennai by providing training in Content Management Systems like Wordpress in the course.

Scope of web development in industry:

Web application development is the most highly evolving tier of the information technology revolution. With digitization of almost every business, digital, web based solutions are on the rise, which in turn has led to a demand for web developers. With your knowledge of web development as a full stack developer, you can single handedly propose and implement a solution for most businesses. Our Web application development training is also inevitable with customer centric applications. The most popular startups started with a web application. So, the market is fresh and happening and in demand for web application developers.

Key modules:

  • HTML
  • Form handling with HTML and PHP
  • Database integration
  • Database query structuring with PHP and MySQL


  • UML diagrams to real time applications
  • Content management systems
  • Application design and Abstraction
  • Enterprise solution planning

What will I learn?

  • Students can design web pages that can that can get inputs from users.
  • The data received from users can be analysed and can produce reports
  • To make many complex operations easy using algorithms
  • To interact with other users across the globe using cloud technology

Why should you learn this course?

  • You want to develop a web platform that functions by itself by interacting with the users
  • You are keen to know how famous platforms like facebook, youtube, twitter works
  • You want to be a full stack developer who can single handedly develop an application end-to-end.
  • If you want to become a Software engineer, then web development course is a safe bid

About Instructors

Santhosh V

Managing Director

Raga Designers

Has 12+ years experience in key business areas of IT infrastructure and solutions. As a young entrepreneur he has astute knowledge of the business climate and has transformed Raga Designers into what it is today.

Abinandhanan SU



Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in enterprise software field. Skilled in research, development, management and software strategies.

Students Feedback


Average Rating

Vadapalani, Chennai

Web Development

This course was really helpful for me to complete my final year project. With the knowledge on Javascript, Jquery, and Ajax that at learnt through the course, I was able to apply the same to my project and successfully complete it.

Adyar, Chennai

Web Development

This course has equipped me with the requisite basics for Web Development and I would like to thank Skill Mentors Academy for that.

Virugambakkam, Chennai

Web Development

This was a great course and a good learning curve for me and my career path.

Ashok Nakar, Chennai

Web Development

Teachers were very friendly. Maybe a few more classes devoted to the introduction part would have helped students like me who do not have a base in web development.

# Batches Time Course Title
1 Session I 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM HTML, Form handling with HTML and PHP, Database integration, Database query structuring with PHP and MySQL.
2 Session II 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM UML diagrams to real time applications, Content management systems, Application design and Abstraction, Enterprise solution planning.

Web Development

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